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Visiting South Georgia

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Visiting South Georgia (2023-2024)pdf13 MB
Information For Yachts Visiting South Georgiapdf817 KB
Covid 19 Visitor Policypdf118 KB

Online Application Forms

(Currently being updated)

  • Vessel Application 
  • Visit Application 
  • Yacht Application 
  • Adventurous Activities (Expeditions) Application 

Code of Conduct Whilst Ashore

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Code of Conduct Whilst Ashorepdf226 KB

Guidelines For The Provision Of Medical Care

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Guidelines For The Provision Of Medical Care In South Georgia and other Antarctic Marine Areas By Seaborne Adventure Tourism Operatorspdf1 MB


Updated guidance on HPAI risk and response in the Territory is available in Section 9 of the Biosecurity Handbook.

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Biosecurity Handbook 2024-2025 (Updated May 2024)pdf2 MB
Rodent Monitoring Station Protocol (2021-22)pdf605 KB
Visitor Biosecurity Self Audit Declarationpdf342 KB

Visit Permit Holder Landing Declaration

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Visit Permit Holder Landing Declarationspdf328 KB

Permit Holder Briefing & Assessment

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Permit Holder Briefing 2023-24pdf192 KB

Visiting Grytviken and King Edward Point

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Visitors Map of King Edward Point and Grytvikenpdf275 KB
SVMP: Visiting Grytvikenpdf3 MB

Post-Visit Report Form

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Post-Visit Report Form (2023-2024)xlsx57 KB
Completing your Post Visit Report (2023-2024)pdf739 KB

Bird Strike

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Bird Strike Notespdf593 KB

The Government SGSSI has defined an expedition as “any person or group of people whose approved activities include overnight camping (night(s) ashore) on South Georgia, regardless of the aims of the expedition. These might include filming, mountaineering, skiing, science, longer trekking, sea kayaking, or other activities.

Expedition applications will be subject to an assessment process that draws advice from a panel of expert advisors (for which an administrative fee is charged). The advisory panel are guided by the planning factors and expedition guidelines in the downloaded information.

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Expedition Policy and Application Procedurespdf263 KB

As part of our 2016-2020 strategy, the Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI) committed to working with stakeholders to develop our visitor management policy to better take account of the impact and benefits of tourism and integrate visitor management into our thinking for a new system of terrestrial protected areas. We aim to ensure that visitors can access and enjoy South Georgia whilst still ensuring that the highest standards of environmental protection and safety are upheld.

The first stage of this process is to establish baseline information on how visitors (including science, media, BAS, Government and tourists) use terrestrial areas on South Georgia by gathering data on the current spatial extent of operations.  Input from expedition staff will be crucial to the success of this process.

We recognise that although for some sites there are specific visitor management plans, for others there is more open access and the potential for a higher degree of free roaming and so different operators may use the landscape differently. So we can capture this information, we have prepared a booklet which contains a map for each landing site. Please  mark/shade the area that you use at each location as part of your ordinary landings.

We are also interested in what you consider to be the attractions of each site (wildlife, scenery etc.), where these are located within the site and how the environmental situation on the day of landing (e.g. fur seals, position of rivers) affects how you use a site on any particular occasion.  Please also mark on the maps if there are areas within sites that you think are particularly sensitive and would benefit from additional monitoring efforts.

Assistance with this process is greatly appreciated and we would encourage you to take this opportunity to engage in this survey, which will really help develop management plans that facilitate access to South Georgia whilst protecting its unique environment.

Please return completed maps to ‘GSGSSI, Government House, Ross Road, Stanley, Falkland Islands, FIQQ 1ZZ

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Visitor Site Use Surveypdf6 MB
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2022 South Georgia – Alternative Shackleton Traversepdf2 MB
2020 Tozzi KATdocx15 KB
2020 South Sandwich Islands Pelagiccdocx6 MB
2019 South Georgia By Kayak Irish Ypake Expedition Reportpdf4 MB
2019 Sea Kayak South Georgia: Curgenvenpdf120 KB
2018 Podorange Reportpdf96 KB
2018 Salvesen Reportpdf7 MB
2018 SGNZ Expedition Reportpdf87 KB
2018 Thin Ice Reportdocx34 KB
2018 John Downer RAP reportdocx47 KB
2018 Aurora ASG73 Reportpdf720 KB
2017 NOVARA Reportpdf945 KB
2017 Salvesen RAP Reportdocx100 KB
2017 Aurora ASG69 Reportdocx6 MB
2016 Starbuck Baume Reportpdf357 KB
2016 Antarctic Endurance Reportdocx1 MB
2016 ASG65-Shackleton Crossing Reportdocx116 KB
2016 Shackleton Legacy Reportpdf3 MB
2016 Selma Reportpdf1 MB
2016 Crean Traverse Reportpdf2 MB
2016 Lindblad Shackleton Crossingpdf2 MB
2016 Intrepid-DX Group Reportdocx2 MB
2015 Montagnes du Mondedocx17 KB
2015 SEA Shackleton Crossing Reportpdf127 KB
2015 One Ocean – NZAHT Shackleton Crossing Reportpdf370 KB
2015 Polar Explorers Post Trip Reportpdf259 KB
2015 Westwind Ice Coring Projectdocx2 MB
2015 BBC Natural History Unit filming expedition to Zavodovski Islandpdf984 KB
2015 Aurora ASG60 Shackleton Crossingpdf3 MB
2015 Rapid Ascent – Canoe and Traversepdf921 KB
2014 Wickens – Icebirdpdf2 MB
2014 Ski Mountaineering from Podorange, Jim Blyth grouppdf2 MB
2014 Salvesen Expeditionpdf1 MB
2014 Aurora Shackleton Crossing, ASG56docx769 KB
2014 PAX ARCTICA Shackleton Expeditionpdf3 MB
2013 Alvaro Shackleton Crossing – Englishdocx107 KB
2013 Kern Adler Report: Ernest Shackleton’s Trekpdf11 KB
2013 Alvaro Shackleton Crossing – Spanishdocx121 KB
2013 Aurora Shackleton Crossing Reportdoc394 KB
2013 Report on the Shackleton Traverse From Pelagic Australisdocx2 MB
2013 Ski Crossing of South Georgiapdf286 KB
2013 Shackleton Epic reportdocx4 MB
2012 Podorange reportdocx3 MB
2012 Baffin Babes expedition to South Georgiapdf84 KB
2012 Polar Explorers Post-Expedition Reportpdf174 KB
2012 The Climate Change Institute, Kuli South Georgia Expedition 2012pdf2 MB
2012 Aurora ASG44 Shackleton Crossing March 2012pdf169 KB
2011 Shackleton Traverse October 2011pdf701 KB
2011 Nordenskjold, The Last Leviathanpdf2 MB
2011 Seracdocx150 KB
2011 Oceanwide Expeditions | Footsteps of Shackleton Expedition , December 2011doc53 KB
2011 Penguin Island 3D’, a Sky 3D filming expedition by Jason Robert Productionspdf67 KB
2011 Aurora 2011 Shackleton Crossing (ASG40)pdf467 KB
2010 Oceanwide Expeditions Shackleton Crossingpdf2 MB
2010 Ocean Maiddocx26 KB
2010 Norwegian Kayak Circumnavigationdocx1 MB
2010 Salvesen Ski Traversedoc33 KB
2010 Shackleton Crossing – ASG37pdf668 KB
2009 The South Georgia Association Expeditionpdf1 MB
2009 Post Expedition Report BBC Frozen Planet – South Georgiadoc40 KB
2009 Geographic Report on Shackleton Crossingdoc27 KB
2009 Aurora South Georgia Crossingdoc27 KB
2008 BBC Frozen Planetdoc73 KB
2008 Beyond Endurance Expedition Shackleton Traverse And Attempted Ascent Of Mount Nichollsdoc36 KB
2008 BSES Southern Endurance Expedition Reportpdf5 MB
2008 The Irish Beyond Endurance Expeditionpdf454 KB
2007 Georgia Sat – Outline Expedition Reportpdf884 KB
2007 Insubrica Expedition’s Shackleton Traverse and ascent of Mt. Stanleydoc32 KB
2007 French South Georgia Expeditiondoc42 KB
2007 BSES Southern Endurance Expeditionzip359 KB
2006 Report On The Metolius Expeditiondoc42 KB
2006 BSES – Reconnaissance Expedition To South Georgia Post Expedition Reportzip178 KB
2004 Endurance II Outline Expedition Reportzip271 KB
2004 Aurora – Shackleton Crossingdoc22 KB
2004 Geographic Expeditions – Shackleton Crossingdoc36 KB
2004 Ted Cheeseman Expedition – Shackleton Crossingdoc23 KB

The Site Visitor Management Plans (SVMP) have been prepared for the most popular approved visitor landing sites and a number of overland walks.  These detail open access areas, closed areas and routes for overland walks.  Visitor management information is detailed as well as additional information such as hazards and areas which are particularly sensitive to disturbance.  

It is a condition of visit permits that these must be complied with and visit permit holders must ensure that all visitors and staff under their charge adhere to these plans.  SVMP are reviewed annually and visit permit holders must ensure that they have the most recent versions of the plans before they depart for South Georgia.

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SVMP: Stromness to Leith Walk extended walkpdf1 MB
SVMP: St Andrews Baypdf626 KB
SVMP: Shackleton Walkpdf1 MB
SVMP: Salisbury Plainpdf683 KB
SVMP: Rookery Point Walk extended walkpdf841 KB
SVMP: Prion Islandpdf1 MB
SVMP: Ocean Harbour Walk extended walkpdf2 MB
SVMP: Maiviken Walk extended walkpdf1 MB
SVMP: Cape Rosapdf963 KB
SVMP: Visiting Grytvikenpdf3 MB
SVMP: Gold Harbourpdf958 KB
SVMP: Godthul to Sandebugten Walk extended walkpdf1 MB
SVMP: Godthulpdf1 MB
SVMP: Fortunapdf611 KB
SVMP: Cooper Baypdf779 KB
All SVMP Walk (gpx file)zip6 KB

Further information and online application forms on the Regulated Activities Permit page.

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Standing conditions for drone operations on South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islandspdf65 KB
Guidance On When To Apply For A RAPpdf190 KB
General information for drone operators on South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islandspdf38 KB
GSGSSI Privacy Notice – Regulated Activity Permit Applicationpdf28 KB
Exported Material Declarationxlsx29 KB
Sample Collection Formxlsx22 KB
Animal Handling Formxlsx17 KB

With its stunning landscapes, abundant wildlife, and unique history, South Georgia is a very special place to get married. Your wedding can be incorporated as part of your visit to Grytviken.

If you decide this is what you want to do, you should contact the Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI) at least three months before your prospective wedding date. This allows for the practicalities of the marriage to be arranged before your visit so that your special day is relaxed and hassle-free

Further details here.

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Visiting South Georgia (2023-2024)pdf13 MB
Notes re completion of Notice of Marriagepdf148 KB
Wedding Forms Notice of Marriagepdf136 KB