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Further Reading

  • Whale Factory Ships And Modern Whaling By Ian Hart – This book provides a complete history of the whaling industry including details of all the whaling factory ships that operated in the Falkland Islands, SGSSI and FI Dependencies (BAT). Profusely illustrated. Published by Ships in Focus 2016:
  • The Maritime History Of South Georgia By Robert Burton – As South Georgia can only be reached by sea, its history is essentially a maritime one. Mariners have visited the island as sealers, whalers, explorers, scientists, fishermen and tourists and in this small book the author Robert Burton introduces the history of South Georgia from the perspective of the vessels that have sailed, and occasionally come to grief in, its stormy waters. Available from the SGHT shop.
  • Putting South Georgia On The Map – Putting South Georgia on the Map’ is a large-format (A4) 216-page book containing a full account of all the South Georgia surveys and is available in three versions: Soft Cover, Hard Cover and a Limited Edition. All three have the same content. The Limited Edition, (of 100 copies) is supplied in a slipcase, and each copy is numbered, and signed by the author. The prices posted surface mail (in Australian dollars) are: Soft cover A$50; Hard cover A$ 60 and Limited Edition A$ 90 (Prices A$10 less for Australia). For payment details go to or for further information email the author/publisher here
  • Taxi To The Snow Line By Guy Sheridan – Guy Sheridan’s latest book Taxi to the Snow Line includes the factual and riveting account of the liberation of South Georgia by the man who commanded the land forces in April 1982. More info here
  • The Island Of South Georgia By Bob Headland – A invaluable and detailed account of South Georgia, its geography, administration, history, expeditions, whaling and sealing industries, physical sciences, natural history and the conflict in 1982. Published by Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0 521 25274 1 (out of print.).
  • Antarctic Oasis By Tim And Pauline Carr – An account of their experiences on South Georgia, illustrated with stunning photography. Published by Norton and Company. ISBN 0-393-04605-2.
  • A Whaling Enterprise By Gerald Elliot – This book records the story of Christian Salvesen’s commercial whaling operations from South Georgia. Published by Michael Russell (Publishing ltd) ISBN 0 85955241 1.
  • Shackleton At South Georgia By Burton And Venables – Account of Shackleton’s visits to South Georgia in 1914, 1917 and 1922, with account of 2000 crossing of South Georgia by Anker, Messner and Venables during filming of IMAX Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure. Available from the SGHT shop.
  • The Shore Whaling Stations At South Georgia, Basberg Bjorn L.  – A Study In Antarctic Industrial Archaeology
  • Whaling Enterprise: Salvesen in the Antarctic Michael Russell 1998, Elliot, G. A – History of Antarctic and South Georgia whaling and of the whaling company Christian Salvesen of Leith.
  • Great Waters Collins 1967. Hardy, A.  – The Discovery Investigations, a series of oceanographic surveys 1925 27, based at South Georgia.
  • Pesca Aidan Ellis 2001. Hart, I. – A detailed history of Antarctic whaling and of the Pesca whaling company of Grytviken including a biography of Captain Carl Anton Larsen, the pioneer of whaling at South Georgia.
  • Whaling in the Falkland Islands Dependencies 1904-1931 Pequena 2006. Hart, I. – ISBN 0-9552924-0-9A history of shore- and bay-based whaling in the Antarctic and South Georgia.
  • The Island of South Georgia, Headland, R.K. – Cambridge University Press 1984, new edition 1992. A factual, illustrated account of all aspects of South Georgia, including an extensive bibliography.
  • Shackleton, Sir E. South Heinemann 1919. – Illustrated version edited by P. King. Century 1991. Shackleton’s 1914 17 Antarctic expedition aboard Endurance and crossing from Elephant Island to South Georgia.