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KEP Science

BAS scientists at King Edward Point are carrying out strategic research that assists GSGSSI in the management of its fisheries. The research covers many aspects of the biology and ecology of both the targeted resource species as well as dependent and by-catch species.

Other long-term projects underway at KEP include:

  • A magnetic observatory maintained by the British Geological Survey.The magnetic observatory plays and important role plugging a significant gap in the global network of magnetic observatories allowing better monitoring of the South Atlantic Anomaly and of changes occurring deep within the Earth.
  • A seismic station, is housed in a bunker on Hope Point.The station is run by the University of California and forms part of a Global Seismographic Network (GSN). The instruments within measuring and record all seismic vibrations from high-frequency, strong ground motions near an earthquake to the slowest global Earth oscillations. For more information go to the GSN website.