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Policy and Applications

The Government SGSSI has defined an expedition as “any person or group of people whose approved activities include overnight camping (night(s) ashore) on South Georgia”, regardless of the aims of the expedition. These might include filming, mountaineering, skiing, science, longer trekking, sea kayaking, or other activities. All expeditions must be totally self-sufficient.

Expedition applications are subject to an assessment process that draws advice from a panel of expert advisors. The advisory panel are guided by the planning factors and expedition guidelines in the downloaded information. On completion of the assessment process, the Chairman of the panel submits a report of the panel’s findings to the Office of the Commissioner.

Having successfully completed the assessment process it is then possible for an expedition permit to be issued.

Expedition Policy and Application Procedures can be downloaded here.

Assessment Panel

A panel of experts assess all expedition applications and make recommendations to GSGSSI during the permitting process.  The panel is chaired by Crag Jones and more information can be supplied upon request.

Expedition Reports

A post expedition report is to be submitted to the GSGSSI within 30 days of your departure from South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

Past reports can be downloaded here.