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Visitor Sites

A list of 49 approved visitor sites is included as an annex in the Visiting South Georgia. Some approved sites are only suitable for Zodiac cruising and cruise ships carrying in excess of 200 passengers are only permitted to land passengers at certain sites.

On occasions, approved visitor sites may be closed due to environmental issues. When possible, this information is detailed in the documentation. Permit Holders will also be advised during the course of their arrival briefings.

A number of Visitor Site Management Plans (SVMPs) have been prepared for the most popular landing sites and also landings that involve overland walks. It is a visit permit condition that all SVMP are followed and complied with at all times.

Please refer to most recent Visiting South Georgia Guide for up to date site closures.

Map of Visitor Sites

COB01 Cobblers Cove N shore of Cobblers Cove
COO01 Cooper Bay centre cove Beach of the centre cove of 3 coves comprising Cooper Bay (site closed at present)
COO02 Cooper Bay “Albatross Cove” Beach of E most of the 3 coves in Cooper Bay (site closed at present)
COO03 Cooper Bay macaronis Small beach lying between the macaroni landing beach and “Albatross Cove”
COO04 Cooper Bay main beach Beach of W most and largest of 3 coves in Cooper Bay (site closed at present)
COO05 Cooper Bay chinstraps Beach in front of chinstrap colony close W of Cooper Bay (site closed at present)
DRG01 Drygalski Fjord (no landing)
ELS01 Elsehul Inner Bay Main beach below trypots
ELS02 Elsehul (Outer bay, no landing)
FOR01 Fortuna Bay Anchorage Bay W shore of Fortuna Bay, N of Perruque Point
FOR02 Fortuna Bay Whistle Cove kings* Head of Fortuna Bay, at W end of main beach near King Penguin colony
FOR03 Fortuna Bay Shackleton Walk E shore of Fortuna Bay, close S of Hodson Point, for Shackleton Walk to Stromness
GOD01 Godthul Beach below old whaling shore depot ruins
GOD02 Godthul walk Beach at whaling shore depot for walk in Godthul to gentoos, lake and ridge
GOD03 Sandebugten Walk Beach at Sandebugten for walk across Reindeer Valley to Godthul
GOL01 Gold Harbour Beach at Gold Harbour in vicinity of King Penguin colony
GOL02 Gold Harbour Walk Beach at Gold Harbour for walk to cliffs above Gold Head
GRY01 Grytviken* Beaches between cemetery and Museum also including King Edward Point
HER01 Hercules Bay macaronis N shore of Hercules Bay near Hercules Point, near macaroni landing site
HER02 Hercules Bay waterfall Head of Hercules Bay on small beach near waterfall
HUS01 Husvik Shore 200m SE of whaling station
JAS01 Jason Harbour Beach close N of Hut Point and hut
KIN01 Cape Rosa S shore of King Haakon Bay on small beach in Cave Cove close E of Cape Rosa (Restricted, refer to SVMP)
KIN02 Peggotty Bluff N shore of King Haakon Bay on beach close to Peggotty Bluff
LAR01 Larsen Harbour (no landing)
LEI01 Leith Harbour Walk Small beach on N shore of Stromness Harbour for walk to Leith Harbour
LEI02 Leith Harbour Beach in front of football field 200 m S of whaling station
MAI01 Maiviken Walk Beach at Grytviken for walk across Bore Valley to Poa Cove in Maiviken
NOR01 Nordenskjold Glacier E shore of Cumberland East Bay near Nordenskjold Glacier and Sorling Valley
OCE01 Ocean Harbour Beach at head of Ocean Harbour in front of whaling station ruins
OCE02 Ocean Harbour Walk Ocean Harbour to Sorling Valley walk
POH01 Prince Olav Harbour Beach 200 m from whaling station
POS01 Possession Bay Brighton Beach W shore of Possession Bay on Brighton Beach, S of Purvis Glacier
POS02 Possession Bay Brown Point E shore of Possession Bay on large beach N of Brown Point
PRI01 Prion Island Main beach, E coast, proceed directly to boardwalk (Restricted, closed 20 Nov – 7 Jan inclusive, refer to SVMP)
RIG01 Right Whale Bay Binder Beach in vicinity of King Penguin colony
ROO01 Rookery Point Walk N shore of Cobblers Cove for walk to Rookery Point macaroni colony
ROS01 Rosita Harbour Beach at head of Rosita Harbour in Bay of Isles
ROY01 Royal Bay Koppen Point N shore of Royal Bay on rocky shore below the ruins of the German 1882183 station
ROY02 Moltke Harbour * N shore of Royal Bay on beach at Moltke Harbour
ROY03 Little Moltke Harbour N shore of Royal Bay on beach at Little Moltke Harbour adjacent to Ross Glacier
ROY04 Royal Bay kings S shore of Royal Bay on beach at W entrance point of “Brisbane Bay” in front of the Weddell Glacier, close
ROY05 Royal Bay macaronis S shore of Royal Bay on small beach close to macaroni colony, 5 km W of Cape Charlotte
SAL01 Salisbury Plain* Beach in front of conspicuous tussac1covered bluff adjacent to King Penguin colony
STA01 St Andrews Bay * Beach in vicinity of the King Penguin colony
STR01 Stromness* Beach 200 m N of whaling station including walk up Shackleton Valley to waterfall.
WEL01 Welcome Islands (no landing)

Sites marked * are appropriate for Category 2 vessel landings (more than 200 pax on board).