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South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands Stamps

The first post office opened on the South Georgia on 22 December 1909, some two years after the first whaling station had been established at Grytviken. Up to 1944 stamps from the Falkland Islands were used, but stamped with a South Georgia stamp.

In 1944 postage stamps were issued for each of the United Kingdom Dependencies these included South Georgia. Initially Falkland Island stamps were over printed with “Dependency of South Georgia”.

In 1946 a distinctive set of stamps was issued for use throughout the Falkland Islands Dependencies until 1963.

The Antarctic Treaty of 1962 resulted in a separation of the British Antarctic Territory from the UK Dependencies. South Georgia then received its first stamps.

In 1985 the Falkland Islands Dependencies ceased to exist and South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands came into existence as a UK overseas territory. Stamps with this designation have been issued since.

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