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UK & Norwegian Government Funding

In 2011 the UK and Norwegian Governments marked the 100th anniversary Scott and Amundsen setting off on their expeditions to the South Pole by signing an agreement to fund a series of collaborative scientific and cultural heritage projects in the Polar Regions, highlighting their importance of the regions to both nations. Further details here.

A number of projects have now been funded in all, or part, by funds made available by both Governments under this agreement. These include:

  • Laser Surveys of the former whaling stations at Husvik, Leith, Stromness and key buildings in Grytviken and development of the imagery.
  • Removal of asbestos from the Husvik Manager’s Villa and immediate surroundings.
  • Survey and basic maintenance work on the Stromness Manager’s Villa.
  • Repair and restoration work to the Nybrakka Barracks and other structures at Grytviken.

For further details of each project see Heritage/Projects.