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Stewardship Framework For SGSSI

5 Year Stewardship Framework

The aims and objectives of the Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI) are outlined in: ‘Protect Sustain Inspire’, a stewardship framework that was published in 2021 and lasts until 2025. The framework was developed in consultation with a wide range of global stakeholders who share a passion for these incredible islands. Protecting the environment and projecting UK sovereignty lies at the heart of all government policy.

Protect, Sustain, Inspire defines the values that guide all government activity: environmental protection, evidence-based decision-making, sustainability, and openness. It also highlights the 7 priority areas for activity to ensure that the government meets its stated purpose:

Environmental recovery and resilience through world-leading evidence-based sustainable management”.

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Protect Sustain Inspire – A values-driven approach to the stewardship of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands 2021 – 2025pdf6 MB

Implementation Programmme

Subsidiary to Protect, Sustain, Inspire is the implementation plan which outlines how, and by when, the government will meet its priority business needs. It consists of a series of milestones and success criteria that provide an unambiguous statement against which the work of government can be assessed.

The stretching targets in this implementation plan cannot be achieved by the government working alone. We continue to build on the excellent network of those passionate about SGSSI who have contributed so much to conservation and preservation of these islands. Collaboration and partnership remain essential, and we welcome the support of the international community to make the vision for the territory a reality.

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Earth Day – Delivering Protect Sustain Inspire – The Government’s Delivery Agendapdf2 MB
Changes to the Psi Implementation Programmepdf190 KB

Thematic Strategies

In a territory with no permanent population, the effect and reach of government is achieved through partnerships. The government is committed to working with a global community of people and organisations who play a part in the stewardship of the Territory, bringing together policy-makers, scientists, visitors and industry to bring about positive change. We welcome challenge and always aim to share and learn from best practice. How we do this is outlined in the following thematic strategies:

  • “Environmental Resilience” Biosecurity Strategy – republished annually in an accessible version as the “Biosecurity Handbook.”
  • “Facilitating Sustainable Visits” – Tourism Strategy – due for publication in 2023.
  • “Local Science, Global Impact” – Science Strategy – published by British Antarctic Survey as the “King Edward Point Science Plan” in 2020 (due for refresh and republication by GSGSSI in 2024).
  • “Accessing Cultural Heritage” Heritage Strategy – published 2017 (due for refresh and republication by GSGSSI in 2025).

TitleFile TypeFile Size
Biosecurity Handbook (October 2023)pdf2 MB
SGSSI Heritage Framework and Strategy (2017)pdf272 KB

Annual Reporting

The government publishes audited financial statements on an annual basis: here

The Chief Executive compiles an yearly report on the activity of the government, which is published online as well as being discussed at an annual event for invited stakeholders event in the boreal summer: here