GSGSSI Stakeholder Meeting, July 2024.

GSGSSI Stakeholder Meeting, July 2024 July 15, 2024 On the 9th July 2024, GSGSSI welcomed friends and colleagues to the Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge for the annual South Georgia Stakeholder Meeting. Owing to global events, this was the first in-person stakeholder meeting since 2019 and it reinforced just how important it is for us to…

RAF A400m Aircraft Conducts Reconnaissance On A68a Iceberg

Rebecca Honeybone accompanied the RAF on this flight as the representative for GSGSSI and was staggered by its beauty and size and that it seemed to appear out of the clouds from nowhere. There will be more information about the iceberg in the coming weeks as the British Antarctic Survey consider the potential impacts on wildlife and the ocean around South Georgia. There will also be the chance to see more of the incredible footage and images gathered during the flight.

South Georgia Congratulates Tristan da Cunha and Celebrates 4 Years of the Blue Belt Programme

GSGSSI would like to congratulate Tristan da Cunha on the establishment of their new Marine Protection Zone. With the establishment of this protected area, Tristan da Cunha joins South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands and other UK Overseas Territories, including Ascension, St Helena, Pitcairn and the British Indian Ocean Territory, in making a lasting commitment to protect the waters surrounding these incredible islands.

Amateur Radio Licences

Over the last 4 months the Falkland Islands Communication Regulator has been revalidating Falkland Islands Amateur Radio Licences. The key reason for this was to bring the Amateur Radio Licences into compliance with the Communication Ordinance 2019. However, this has thrown up that South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (and the British Antarctic Territory) is not covered by the provisions of the jurisdiction of the Falkland Island Communications Regulator.