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Visitor Information Documents And Application Forms

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Visiting South Georgia Booklet

The information in this downloadable booklet, which is updated annually prior to each season, provides visit applicants key information prior to visiting South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI).

All visit applicants (both cruise ships and yacht applicants), must study this document carefully before submitting their visit application. Of necessity, there are certain codes of conduct and guidelines that must be observed. These are intended to ensure that visitors enjoy safe landings without causing any environmental damage or wildlife disturbance.

TitleFile TypeFile Size
Visiting South Georgia (2023-2024)pdf13 MB
Code of Conduct Whilst Ashorepdf226 KB

Guidelines For The Provision Of Medical Care

Antarctic tourism has grown increasingly popular in the last decade and diversified into an ever wider range of activities, transport modes and destinations. The continued success of Antarctic tourism is welcome. With this increase, and a number of incidents where medical attention has been required, there is a need for operators to assess and review the medical care on vessels and available on-shore to ensure a robust and safe medical provision.

The aim of this document is to identify the specific medical risks associated with travel to South Georgia with potential wider applicability to the southern oceans, assess the current medical professional standards being delivered and offer advice and guidance regarding appropriate medical provision of care.

TitleFile TypeFile Size
Guidelines For The Provision Of Medical Care In South Georgia and other Antarctic Marine Areas By Seaborne Adventure Tourism Operatorspdf1 MB

Vessel and Yacht Visit Application Forms

A visit application form must be completed by all cruise ship and yacht operators or owners intending to visit South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands. Individual passengers do not need to complete this.

TitleFile TypeFile Size
Information For Yachts Visiting South Georgiapdf817 KB

Biosecurity Protocols

The biosecurity Protocols, which are regularly updated, must be studied closely by all visit applicants and visit permit holders. Failure to comply with these protocols is an offence.

The ‘Biosecurity Handbook’ has been developed in response to our Strategy commitments, recognising biosecurity infringements represent one of the most significant risks to future sustainable management. It represents a statement of current biosecurity policy.

The ‘Self Audit Check List and Landing Declaration’ must be completed and signed by all visitors to South Georgia before making their first landing.

TitleFile TypeFile Size
Biosecurity Handbook (October 2023)pdf2 MB
Biosecurity Checklistpdf8 MB
Visitor Biosecurity Self Audit Declarationpdf342 KB

Visit Permit Holder Landing Declaration

Declaration to be completed by the Visit Permit Holder prior to the first landing (everytime a vessel visits SGSSI).

TitleFile TypeFile Size
Visit Permit Holder Landing Declarationspdf328 KB

Permit Holder Briefing & Assessment

Permit Holders are invited to take the Annual Permit Holder Briefing & Assessment by following the instructions in the Permit Holder Briefing document.This is mandatory for all Visit Permit Holders, and is the mechanism by which dispensation to make the first landing outside of Grytviken is attained.

TitleFile TypeFile Size
Permit Holder Briefing 2023-24pdf192 KB

Post Visit Report Form

To be completed and submitted by all Visit Permit Holders within 30 days of departure from South Georgia.

TitleFile TypeFile Size
Completing your Post Visit Report (2023-2024)pdf739 KB
Post-Visit Report Form (2023-2024)xlsx57 KB

Additional Information for Visiting Grytviken and King Edward Point

For all visitors intending to come ashore at Grytviken and King Edward Point, the ‘Visiting Grytviken And King Edward Point’ and ‘Visitors Map of King Edward Point and Grytviken’ documents should be read and understood in addition to the ‘Information for Visitors to South Georgia’ booklet before visiting.

TitleFile TypeFile Size
SVMP: Visiting Grytvikenpdf3 MB
Visitors Map of King Edward Point and Grytvikenpdf275 KB