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Telecommunications Licensing Policy for the Issue of Amateur Radio Licencespdf326 KB
Disposal Of Assets Held By The Governmentpdf153 KB
Consultation Policypdf142 KB
Covid 19 Visitor Policypdf118 KB
Customs Clearance, Fees and Exemptions Policypdf341 KB
Fees and Charges Policypdf143 KB
Issue Of Permits To Enter The South Sandwich Islandspdf140 KB
Place Namespdf141 KB
Permitting The Use Of Helicopters For Civilian Purposespdf206 KB
Procurement Policypdf211 KB
Risk Management Policypdf127 KB
Scattering Ashes (Human Remains) And Burial Of Human Remainspdf145 KB
Visitors Ordinance Fee Application Policypdf177 KB